Realtors & Mortgage Lenders Commit 3 Business Killing Sins – Are You?

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Some days, we feel like clergy around here.

That’s because being a marketing company for real estate professionals, we hear all sorts of things. Not all of them good.

Over the years we’ve collected the top 3 “sins” that real estate agents & mortgage lenders make over and over again. These sins kill their momentum and prevent them from having the kind of business they really want – which is a nice, easy referral based business.

So let’s do a little preaching to the choir!

Sin #1: Assuming clients will just send you referrals

You’ve handled your client beautifully throughout the whole process. When the closing comes, you thank them and maybe offer a small congratulatory gift. Maybe you even remember to send them a thank you card a few weeks later.

But did you ever specifically tell them “If you like the way our transaction went, I would really appreciate you sending any friends or family my way that may need my help”?

And did you ever send them a card, email or text in the months after the transaction specifically asking them for a referral?

Here’s a stat that will make you ask for forgiveness… more than 80% of clients say their real estate agent or lender NEVER asked them for a referral!

You have to WORK for referrals, they don’t just happen automatically.

Sin #2: Impersonal follow up

Nothing adds a personal touch like an automated email on the anniversary of your client’s closing from a CRM system or a generic “birthday” card that isn’t even signed.

We’re kidding of course. But sadly, this is about as much personalization as most real estate and mortgage clients ever get after closing.

People choose local real estate agents & mortgage lenders because they want guidance and advice making the biggest financial decisions of their entire life. They WANT a personal connection!

Don’t address that need for personal connection with generic, impersonal material.

Sin #3: Infrequent follow up contact

Statistics show that the majority of real estate agents and mortgage lenders NEVER follow up with their clients after closing.

It’s dreadful.

You invest so much time and money into getting new clients, yet you forget to do the easy part which is following up with clients after they close.

Follow up marketing is your most cost effective marketing from an ROI perspective there is.

Plus, follow up marketing generates more of the kind of leads you want which are easy-to-close referrals.

You Can Be Saved!

If you’ve been committing these sins, it’s going to be OK. You can be saved!

All you have to do is repent, and take a little action.😇

RESURGE was designed to make the entire process of follow up marketing simple, personalized and affordable for real estate agents & mortgage lenders.

Just upload your contacts and our team does the rest. We create a follow up schedule, design a card which includes a request for referral, hand sign it in your name, tuck your business card inside and mail it. We even send you an automated notification which includes the client’s info and a suggested script you can use to follow up via phone or text.

Getting saved is easy. You just need to take the first steps!