Co-Marketing: Re-Imagined!

Do you like the idea of co-marketing but aren’t pleased with the results you’re currently getting?

RESURGE Co-Marketing delivers personalized, old-school marketing that works in a way that’s Personal, Unique & Different!
(Oh, and it’s a fraction of the cost compared to other co-marketing options you’ll find!)

There’s No School Like the Old School

Sure, you can co-market on digital channels. But why not add in “old school” techniques like direct mail marketing that work just as well, or better? But at a fraction of the cost!

Our team sends out hand-signed AppreciationKards® up to 8 times a year for less than $12 a year! You can include anyone on your customer list or co-market with other businesses for maximum impact!

How it works

When you use RESURGE for your database marketing, your clients are guaranteed to think of you - their FAVORITE professional - up to 8 times per year!

Getting Started is Easy & Affordable!