RESURGE takes the hassle out of follow up marketing for real estate agents & mortgage lenders. We send personal, unique and different AppreciationKards® that are ‘hand signed’ to your customers up to 8 times per year.  Based on the number of mailings and type of mailings used, we are able to BRAND you to your clients so they never forget who you are!

Each ApreciationKard® includes your business card and is hand-signed by a member of our team.

Yes! Each card is hand-signed by a member of our team! That’s what makes them Personal and stand out with your clients!

Up to 8 times per year. We recommend sending at least 5 cards per year.  We offer a Home Anniversary Card (6), and if you have the client’s birthday and there are 2 people per household, that will bring the total number of cards to 8 per year.  There is no difference in the price if you choose to use all 8 mailings.

We customize each card by including one of your business cards & signing it by hand. We offer pre-selected templates or you can choose which cards you’d like your clients to receive throughout the year. However, you are not able to customize or change the actual greeting card content itself.

No! Each year we send your client a new, professionally designed card with a new marketing message, so they never receive the same card twice!

We know that change happens, and when it does, just send us a stack of your NEW business cards from your new company and a note asking us to replace the old business cards we have on file with the updated business cards.  It’s that simple!

The information for each employee can be easily updated in our system. Just drop us a note and make sure we have the updated business cards and you’re done!

Yes! We tuck your business card inside when we hand sign each ApreciationKard®. When you select our co-marketing option, we send BOTH your & your co-marketing partner’s business cards inside!


Co-Marketing at Zillow and other digital platforms puts your profile in an ad on their website or app where people are searching for homes or mortgage interest rate quotes. This type of lead generation produces new leads for new buyers or borrowers who generally do not know your company ahead of time.

RESURGE does the opposite.  Our referral marketing system is designed to generate more referrals from warm clients rather than working new leads.

We send hand-signed cards in the mail all year long to your clients that you’ve already closed - so they come to you next time they need your services.

No- Since you have a mutually closed client with your co-marketer (real estate agent or lender), you can market to that client in whatever fashion you choose. Our team sends both yours AND your co-marketing partner business card to the joint client each time.

Whoever signs up for the plan. Mortgage lenders are allowed to pay for a plan which includes mailings to their joint clients with selected co-marketing real estate partners, and vise versa.

Yes! Our system allows you to co-market with different real estate agents or mortgage lenders from the same account. Please contact us for details.

You have the ability to assign up to two (2) referral sources per joint client.

(*LG- the system allows 2 names typically the lender and realtor I dont want them to think they can put more than 2, someone ask me that this week, they wanted their entire real estate team, buy/selling agent, title company etc.)