Resurge’s Direct Mail Solution for Getting More Mortgage Referrals

To Generate More Buyer, Seller & Mortgage Referrals

Updated for 2020!

Let’s be honest. When it comes to finding new mortgage clients, you have a LOT of competition.

Every bank offers mortgages, and they’re always running special promotions to entice your clients bank’s current checking and savings account over to them when it comes to choosing a mortgage provider.

Adding to the competitive mortgage atmosphere is the increasing tech savviness of home buyers.

With just a few taps and swipes, prospective home buyers can literally be standing inside their dream home during a real estate, showing and researching the best rates and terms for home mortgages on their smartphones.

How are you supposed to set yourself apart - and above - the competition when you have so many factors making it harder than ever to stand out?

The Service You Provide Your Current Clients is Key to Generating Referral Business

You know that for most of your clients, buying a home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. Not only does that make home buying exciting for your clients, but kind of scary, too.

There’s so much paperwork that needs to be signed quickly, home inspections and appraisals that need to be scheduled almost immediately after an offer is accepted, and throughout the escrow process, home buyers are constantly wondering what that final monthly mortgage payment amount will be.

When it comes to differentiating yourself amongst the competition, your best bet is to provide the best customer service possible. Not only does that make your clients happy, but it makes them more likely to recommend you to their family and friends when they’re ready to take out a mortgage on their dream home, too.

But, after closing day, how do you stay in touch with your former clients?

It may be years before they consider moving to a new home, if ever. But still, they’re a valuable resource in helping to spread word of mouth marketing to their network of friends, family, and coworkers.

Consider Online and Offline Marketing Methods

To stay at the front of your previous clients’ minds, you need to be consistently staying in touch with them throughout the year so they’ll remember you the next time they hear about a friend or family member looking to buy a home.

For the best possible results, today’s mortgage lenders need to consider a marketing mix of both online and offline marketing tactics, including:

Did we throw you off on that last recommendation? Some may say yes. But the truth is, even in today’s hyper-digital world, the value of a personalized piece of mail sent directly to your clients with your signature on it is still huge.

In fact, Small Business Trends recently released data showing:

Even Millennials report they’re more likely to take action when receiving a direct mail piece over an email marketing message!

With data like that, you simply can’t deny that mortgage direct mail needs to be a part of your overall marketing strategy to past clients in order to generate referrals, and repeat business.

Our Experience with Direct Mail Marketing

At Resurge, we’ve been perfecting direct mail marketing in the digital age for 20+ years. Through our years of research, we’ve found a way to put a new twist on this “retro” marketing tactic that really resonates with recipients.

Rather than send impersonal form letters or special offers periodically through the mail, we’ve developed proprietary AppreciationKards®. These beautifully designed cards are mailed to your clients 6 to 8 times a year, with a handwritten signature on them.

Designed to be displayed rather than tossed, these cards will not only let your clients know you’re thinking of them, but also serve as a reminder of you as they sit on their fireplace mantles or affixed to their refrigerators.

Getting Started is Easy & Affordable!

More Than Just Birthday Cards

All sales and service people know the trick of sending their previous clients a birthday card when that special day rolls around. AppreicationKards® take it to the next level. In addition to sending cards on birthdays and holidays, we send cards at unexpected times of the year, when those competing for your clients’ mindshare aren’t even thinking about them. This makes you and your mortgage lending provider a household name year ‘round, and more likely to be recommended to friends and family who are purchasing homes at any point in the year.

Take a Peek at Our AppreciationKards®

Here are JUST A FEW examples of the professionally designed cards that YOUR customers could be receiving!

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Don’t DIY; Take Advantage of Our Full Service Experience

When it comes to mortgage direct mail, some lenders and firms try to take on the task themselves. And with the amount of mortgages they process in a year, and new clients they gain, it’s easy to understand why they fall behind on the task, or only send out a birthday card every year.

At Resurge, we take care of every step of sending mortgage direct mail for you.

Say goodbye to the days of quickly signing tons of cards, stuffing envelopes, and addressing and stamping them - not to mention running to the Post Office before it closes. Resurge provides a full service experience for our mortgage lending customers when preparing mortgage direct mail, including:


Having a member of our team personally hand write your signature onto your card for you


Stuffing all envelopes


Addressing every envelope


Stamping every envelope


Mailing all cards through the Postal Service

The only thing we need from you is a client list, and then we take care of the rest! Imagine how much time you’ll save when you switch from DIY to Resurge!

Contact Us Today So You Can Keep in Touch With Clients in the Easiest Manner Possible

Have we gotten you interested in Resurge’s mortgage direct mail services? We hope so! Our goal is to help mortgage professionals like you stay in touch with your clients more frequently throughout the year, while taking on all the legwork for you.

We know that referrals are the easiest way you gain new clients. And we want you to have so many referrals, you don’t know what to do!

If you’re ready to take the next step to learn about our plans and pricing options, which can be as low as $1/month per client, we’d love to talk to you today! Simply call us at (855) 530-7061.