How to Automate & Personalize Your Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

To Generate More Buyer, Seller & Mortgage Referrals

Updated for 2020!

As a real estate agent or mortgage lender, your goal is to sell more homes & write more mortgage loans. And in an industry that’s all about relationships, you know that the key to finding more clients is to get more referrals from those who know you or you’ve helped in the past.

The question is, what’s the best way to market to your existing sphere of influence, especially in a world where people don’t even use their smartphones to make phone calls any more?

Do you sell out for digital marketing?

We’ve found that the BEST way to deliver that personalized touch is by going a little old school with direct mail marketing for real estate.

Here’s why...

Marketing In Today’s Fast-Paced, Digital World

For over 20 years, we’ve watched as technology has changed how real estate agents & mortgage lenders like you stay in touch with your past clients to make sure they think of you for their real estate needs.

These days, you’ve got to invest in some form of digital marketing. This might take the form of social media, a blog, email marketing or even running ads on platforms like Facebook or Zillow together with a referral partner in comarketing.

But what about real estate direct mail marketing?

Is it too “old school” for you to invest in? Do people really open direct mail pieces these days?

The answer is, YES - they do!

They even use direct mail for comarketing.

A recent article from Small Business Trends shows some surprising statistics when it comes to direct mail pieces like real estate direct mail marketing. Their data shows:

Compare the 42% response rate for direct mail vs. 20% on email (source: Mailchimp).

The ROI numbers speak for themselves. One closed home or loan from a postcard campaign pays for years worth of services.

With data like that, you just can’t deny that direct mail needs to be an integral piece of your multi-faceted marketing strategy to previous clients.

What’s the Ideal Format for Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing?

Now that you know that real estate direct mail marketing is necessary for you to keep those referrals coming in and clients returning back to you, it’s time to consider what exactly you need to be mailing to your clients. Should you:

  • Send prospecting summaries of homes in their area that you’ve recently sold?
  • Create and mail a homeowner newsletter with tips and tricks for maintaining a property?
  • Send a birthday card when that special date arrives?

After more than 2 decades of designing and sending direct mail pieces in the digital age, we’ve determined that real estate direct mail marketing is in its best form when it’s sent as a card AND with a handwritten signature at least 6-8 times a year.

Our customers tell us that prospects toss templated direct mail pieces in the trash. But a personalized card gets opened and produces leads.

That’s why we created AppreciationKards®  specifically for real estate mailing.

Take a Peek at Our AppreciationKards®

Here are JUST A FEW examples of the professionally designed cards that YOUR customers could be receiving!

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The #1 Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Tactic You Need

Now you know you need to be sending your clients cards. But you shouldn’t be sending just any old card you find at your closest big box store.

We’ve developed a proprietary real estate direct mail marketing card system called AppreciationKards®.

These uniquely designed cards are designed to catch recipients’ attention - and increase their desire to display the cards around their home.

Sent to your previous clients between 6-8 times a year - including on birthdays, holidays and home anniversaries - these cards keep you at the front of your clients’ minds all year long.

While other sales and service people your clients have worked with are only remembering them on their birthdays, our year ‘round system makes sure your clients know you’re thinking of them often. What a great feeling to give your clients!

Best of yet, our AppreciationKards® system is completely automated. You simply send us your client list, and we do the rest. Our system automatically creates a calendar of when cards need to be sent to your clients, so you’ll never miss a beat!

Taking a DIY Task Off Your To-Do List for Good

We know that many real estate agents & mortgage lenders search the internet for real estate templates & campaign ideas to try and send cards to their clients on their own.

But most successful professionals are too busy with showings and closings to keep up the task going on a regular basis and it often forget to take care of this important task.

Well, get ready to regain more of your life back!

At RESURGE, our team does all the heavy lifting of staying in touch with your clients for you.

When our automated system alerts us that one of your clients is due for one of our AppreciationKards®,  we:

  • Select the card based on the time of year
  • Professionally design new cards on a regular basis
  • Hand write your signature in the card to add that personal touch to your message
  • Stuff each envelope
  • Address each envelope to your client
  • Stamp each envelope
  • Deliver all mail to the Postal Office

Imagine all the time you’ll save!

Getting Started is Easy & Affordable!

An Affordable Solution for Real Estate Mail

You’ve already learned about the effectiveness of real estate direct mail marketing, even in today’s super digital world. Well, would you believe that our AppreciationKards® are one of the most cost effective marketing materials you’ll ever invest in?

Our solution for real estate direct mail marketing is extremely affordable. We offer a variety of plans and pricing - with the lowest being $1.09/month per customer!

Compare costs for real estate mail solutions:


  • Shop for the cards
  • Modify template designs or pay for premium custom designs
  • Purchase the cards
  • Purchase the postage
  • Maintain your client list
  • Hand sign, buy postage & mail it


  • The entire process is automated
  • Plans starting at less than $1.09/month

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