Attention Mortgage Lenders:

Here’s a BETTER way to Co-Market with your real estate agents!

Send hand signed appreciation cards to your joint clients all year long for less than $1/month!

Here’s Your Chance to Be Different

These days, all the agents want you to put your listing next to theirs online. Sure, that’s good for your relationship, but what kind of ROI is that producing?

Studies show that “old school” techniques like direct mail marketing work just as well, or better… but at a fraction of the cost!

Be the ONLY mortgage lender to offer your real estate agents the chance to co-market to your joint clients by sending them personalized, hand-signed direct mail cards all year long - all for less than $1/month!

Co-Marketing Is Easy. You Choose the Clients. We Do the Rest!

We create, hand-sign, stamp & mail professionally designed AppreciationKards to your clients throughout the year!

Do You Want More Cold Leads or Warm Referrals?

Co-marketing with agents on digital platforms will get you cold leads that require a lot of follow up & rate negotiation to close.

Is that kind of business what you really want?

Why not use your co-marketing budget to market to the business you’ve closed with other real estate agents instead? That kind of marketing produces warm referrals that are easy to close.

For less than $1/month, we pick a card, hand sign it and mail it to your clients… that way they think of you first next time they need a mortgage!

Getting Started is Easy & Affordable!