Do real estate postcards still work for generating business?

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It’s easy to understand why everyone in the real estate industry is obsessed with digital marketing. After all, it feels like most people live on their phones these days.

With all the effort being put into digital marketing, you might be wondering if real estate postcards still work for generating business.

The answer is a resounding YES!

The Statistics Say…

The dirty little secret in the real estate business is that digital marketing for realtors is EXPENSIVE!

Realtors are spending hundreds of dollars a month on software alone from companies like Boomtown or Kunversion. And that’s before the first dollar is even spent buying Google Ads or Facebook leads.

Factor in the low conversion rates from online marketing, and you need to be prepared to spend thousands of dollars a month to get a healthy pipeline.

Compare that to real estate postcards & direct mail in general:

  • Direct mail marketing out performs digital marketing response rates by more than 700%
  • The average ROI for direct mail is 15-17%

Plus, surveys show that 67% of US adults feel that direct mail is more personal than email.

These numbers don’t lie… real estate postcards & direct mail DO still work.

But why?

The Phone Isn’t Everything

Just because we walk around glued to our phones doesn’t mean we don’t do other things.

Everyone still gets mail. And mail is something you touch and feel… it’s real.

So when a client or prospect receives a piece of direct mail from you, whether that’s a postcard or fold out hand written card, they see it, touch it and hopefully read it.

Either way, they see your name and remember who you are and what you do.

At RESURGE, we prefer mailing an actual (5×7 or Full size)fold out card which has a message on the front and when you open it up, a follow up message on the inside (a message on the inside with a direct call to action for your client) .

We also believe in hand signing each card for you to give it the personal touch, and inserting your business card just in case they need to reach you.

Over the years, we’ve found this to be far more effective than a simple postcard because it’s more personalized.

Combining Old School With New School

Just because you still believe in direct mail like real estate postcards does NOT mean you have to sacrifice your digital marketing.

Here’s why…

Direct mail works best when you combine it with a personalized follow up system.

We recommend actually texting or calling your prospects or clients within a short time frame of them receiving your direct mail piece. That way they’ve not only seen your card, but they hear from you as well.

Our system automates this for you. We email you a notification each time a card is sent out. That notification includes the client’s name & contact info as well as provides a suggested script for you to use when you call them.

The combination of the old school touch and the easy to use automated reminders makes it easier than ever for you to get maximum results from your direct mail marketing dollars.

And after all, one closed transaction pays for years worth of real estate postcards!