3 Tips for Closing $60/Million a Year

We interviewed 3 real estate professionals all doing MORE than $60 million a year, and here are the 3 things they said were key to reaching that goal.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mortgage lender or a real estate agent, closing $60 million a year means BIG BUCKS!

So how do you get to $60 million a year?

Tip #1: Become a Giver

Most people in the real estate business are takers. They want to know what you can do for them.

Big hitters doing $60 million a year have the opposite mentality.

Their entire business is built around what they can do for you.

Now, that doesn’t mean giving gifts, buying lunch or playing golf. Everyone tries that.

It means being a consultant, not a salesperson.

Consultants help their customers make good, smart decisions. They also help their referral partners become more successful.

Everybody else is just looking to close deals.

#2: Build a Team

No one doing $60 million a year is doing it by themselves!

That doesn’t mean you need a BIG team. But it does mean you need a SMART team.

Every top producer has strengths and weaknesses. The strategy for building a smart team is to find people who fill in your weak spots so you can do what you do best.

The top producers we interviewed have 1-2 person support teams to handle parts of their daily routines so they stay focused on top priorities.

The key to closing big numbers is to know your weaknesses and invest in the right help.

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#3 Have a Follow Up System

Each of the top producers we interviewed said “consistently” following up was their #1 strategy.

So few real estate people actually do it, they said having a following up system was the obvious part.

Plus, getting referrals from existing clients is the easiest type of transaction you’ll ever get.

So how exactly do they follow up?

All year long is the key... mixing it up with handwritten “check in” cards, emails, texts and the occasional gift.

So there you go…

$60 million a year is within your reach.

  1. Become a Giver
  2. Build a Team
  3. Follow Up Using a System