The future of direct mail marketing for real estate

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If you had told us a few years ago that people would go to Disney world and be glued to their phones, we’d have called you crazy.

Just look around… that’s the world we live in today.

There’s no denying that the phone and digital technology has totally changed our lives and our businesses especially in the real estate world. But does that mean the real estate business will go totally digital? And what’s the role of things like direct mail marketing for real estate?

The Impact of Digital on Real Estate Marketing

Digital marketing has been good for the real estate world. Consumers like having access to information on their phones and computers. They also like the ability to communicate with real estate agents digitally when it’s convenient for them.

However, despite the advances in digital marketing, real estate remains a decidedly old school business.

The reason? People will always want advice and guidance that only comes from a personal touch when it comes to buying a home.

The real challenge for real estate marketers going forward is how they can put that personalized touch on their automated marketing to give consumers what they want.

What Top Producers Have to Say

We interviewed Hunter Croan, a top producing real estate agent in Texas.

Hunter is heavy into digital marketing but says direct mail marketing is a critical part of his follow up system for generating referrals from existing clients which is why he loves RESURGE.

“The price is right, the card options are funny, it’s easy to setup and you can customize what cards are sent to each person,” says Hunter. “It keeps us in front of our clients so that next time they hear about real estate, they think of us first.”

Hunter knows what most top producers have figured out – that the money is made in the follow up system.

Acquiring new customers is expensive, but marketing to existing customers for easy-to-close referrals can be done for as little as $1/month per client!

Don’t Miss the Easy Opportunities

We believe that direct mail marketing for real estate has a strong future especially when used for follow up marketing and in conjunction with digital tools.

For instance, our system sends you an automated email notification each time a follow up direct mail piece is sent to your client. The notification includes the customer’s name & contact info as well as a suggested script that you can use to text or call them.

The combination of old school touch with a personalized card followed by a phone call or text from you will NEVER go out of style, especially in the real estate world.

Don’t miss the low hanging fruit of easy referral opportunities by going “all digital” because direct mail is still a super effective tactic to use in real estate.