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These days it seems like everyone is obsessed with digital marketing. But don’t let all the noise fool you.

Real estate postcards have NEVER been more popular!

Why? Everyone still checks their mail!

So the question is not should you send marketing postcards, the question really is “what kind” should you send? Should they be informative, serious, funny? Should the be about branding or should they include a call to action?

RESURGE has been sending real estate direct mail for 20+ years… here’s what we’ve learned delivers the best return on investment and time.

Fitting in Postcards with Your Other Marketing Channels

From our experience, the most successful real estate professionals today are using a multi-faceted marketing approach to stay in touch with former clients, who in turn introduce them to their friends and family members when they’re ready to buy or sell homes.

For example, your current marketing plan may include:

  • Social media interactions and advertisements like boosted posts
  • Email marketing, such as tips and tricks for homeowners to keep home repair costs down
  • A custom website highlighting your most recently sold homes
  • Outdoor advertising, depending on the size of your brokerage

These are all very important elements of any modern real estate marketing plan.

But as our world seems to be getting more digital by the day, it’s important that we don’t forget the time-tested tactics that have driven the real estate business for decades.

Perhaps now more than ever before, real estate mailers are an important component to all real estate marketing plans.

You Can’t Deny the Data Behind Direct Mail

You might think with so many digital options to choose from, direct mail is declining. Think again. Small Business Trends recently released some new statistics on the effectiveness of direct mail, which state:

Postcards - or AppreciationKards®?

There are lots of options when it comes to real estate mail. Postcards are popular, but we feel they’re less effective than other types of direct mail.

Postcards are like mini-billboards, but they lack the element of surprise. Like a roadside billboard, it’s easy to glance and toss it in the trash.

We’d never suggest you drop your digital marketing strategy, but remember, real estate mailers should be a part of your marketing mix, too. After all, advertising’s age old “Rule of 7” tells us that clients need to see your message 7 times before taking action. Real estate mailers provide a more personal touch point to your overall marketing strategy to stay connected to your previous clients.

And, since real estate mailers are an “offline” marketing tactic, they stay with your clients, where they are. Every time we send a real estate mailer out for you, your clients physically touch, and most of them open, your personalized piece of mail. Not only is your direct mail then read, but it’s physically carried into the homes of each of your clients. It’s a much different experience than scrolling through a news feed or clicking on an email.

What Should A Real Estate Mailer Include?

Many of the real estate agents & mortgage lenders we speak with know they need to be sending real estate mailers, but they don’t know what form those direct mail pieces should take.

Common uses of their mailing efforts include:

  • Sending past clients a list of previously sold homes to showcase their skill at marketing and selling top properties in their clients’ areas?
  • Sending birthday and end-of-year holiday cards?
  • Sending a homeownership newsletter?
  • Sending something seasonal?

From two decades worth of experience in real estate mailers, we’ve found that cards, sent between 5-8 times a year with handwritten signatures, are the perfect solution to keep in touch with your past clients, while providing a personalized touch to the communication.

In fact, we have our own unique solution for sending past clients cards. We call them AppreciationKards®, and we hand write your signature, address, stamp, and mail them on important dates such as your clients’ birthdays, unique holidays, home purchase anniversaries, and more!

Take a Peek at Our AppreciationKards®

Here are JUST A FEW examples of the professionally designed cards that YOUR customers could be receiving!

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Automating the Process

The other big complaint with real estate postcards is the manual process that’s required to manage them.

Smart marketers know that automation with a personal touch is the key to scaling and generating results, and our system is built around those principles.

Our AppreciationKards® are a new twist on “old school” marketing.

More than just a direct mail postcard, these real estate mailers show your clients you care by adding that personal touch to the message you send them.

The cards aren’t generic - they’re thoughtfully designed so they won’t be tossed into clients’ recycling bins, but rather displayed on their fireplace mantles or refrigerators for weeks to come.

Best of yet - our real estate mailer system is completely automated.

There’s no need for lengthy spreadsheets, Outlook calendar reminders, or teeny tiny writing on your monthly planner so that you don’t miss an important date in your clients’ lives. Simply upload your client list, and we do the rest.

How it works

When you use RESURGE for your database marketing, your clients are guaranteed to think of you - their FAVORITE real estate agent or mortgage lender - up to 8 times per year!

That’s right, our team:

  • Hand writes your signature on each card, so your clients feel that special touch of knowing they were specifically thought of when their card was prepared
  • Personally addresses the envelope so you don’t have to
  • Takes care of all postage
  • Mails your cards for you so you don’t have to squeeze in a trip to the Post Office in between showings

Forget DIY Postcards

Between showings and closings, talking and texting with buyers and sellers, and driving all over town two or three times a day, who has the extra time to do their real estate mailers themselves?

Even if you can enlist the help of your team to make an assembly line of real estate postcards, do you really have the time to send all your clients 6 to 8 customized cards a year?

Of course not!

It’s no wonder that real estate agents who take the DIY route when it comes to real estate mailers send so few cards throughout the year.

We completely take the real estate mailer task off your to-do list - forever!

Simply upload us a client list, and our system automatically creates a calendar of when to send each of your clients their cards - including on their birthdays and home purchasing anniversaries, as well as 3-6 other special times a year.

You’ll never have to lick another envelope or peel off another stamp again.

We do all the work for you.

And, since our system is automated, we’ll never forget an important date in your clients’ lives!

We know what you’re thinking…”How much is this going to cost me?”

Well, guess what! Our AppreciationKards® are one of the most cost effective marketing solutions you’ll ever invest in. In fact, our plans and pricing options can be as low as $1/client per month, depending on which package you subscribe to!

Getting Started is Easy & Affordable!

Start Connecting With Your Clients More Frequently

Our goal is to help you make the most of your time so you can do what you do best - sell! Forget real estate postcards, let us take care of your follow up marketing needs with our AppreciationKards® so you can focus on closing that next deal.

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