Let Your Clients Hear From You All Year Long!

We create, hand-sign, stamp & mail professionally designed AppreciationKards® to your clients throughout the year!

  • We choose & schedule each AppreciationKard® (so you don't have to)
  • We hand sign the card in your name (to personalize each card)
  • We tuck your business card inside (so they know how to reach you)
  • We stamp & mail the card to your clients (to make it easy)
  • We send you an alert plus a script (to remind you to follow up)
  • And, we do it throughout the year! (so they never forget you)

The key to generating more referrals from your clients is staying in touch

We send your clients a hand signed card up to 8 times a year, so you don't have to.

With your follow up marketing on autopilot, you become THE FIRST PERSON they think of when a friend or family member needs a mortgage lender or real estate agent.

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Easy. Automated. Affordable

Choose a Service Plan

Upload your Contacts

Get Referrals on Autopilot!

Direct Marketing Still Generates the Best Results!

Our hand-signed AppreciationKards® don't JUST keep you top of mind. Each card includes a different call to action that sets you up for referrals and creates repeat business.

Get Automated Alerts When It’s Time To Follow Up

How easy would follow up be if you received a notification each time a card is sent to your clients - plus a sample script you can use? We provide you with the ‘when’, ‘why’ & ‘what’ to say when you contact your clients!

It’s everything you want from a CRM, but without the expense or hassle!

You’re in Good Company